Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trying to spend less on food. UPDATE week 3

Im back again to let you know how my budget is going for the food shopping for the month.
I am finding now in week 3 that i am running out of a lot of the pantry staples and have had to restock some of them.
Since my post last Thursday i have had a few visits to the shops for lots of fresh fruit as it seems this week they are all eating me out of house and home when it comes to bananas and apples.  I also ran out of my supply of plain flour for bread making so i had to re-stock that too. The total this week is more than i would have liked but it is for the essential items needed for meals. So the total this week is $126.56 plus the takeaway on Saturday was $34 and not $25 as i had hoped for as they all decided they didnt want pizza but wanted fish and chips instead.  Adding that to the total for the week comes to $160.56
The running total for the month so far is now $475.74.

In the next week im going to have to buy a new bag of chicken feed and that will be around the $20 mark so that will also be added into next weeks total.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Trying to spend less on food. UPDATE week 2

Its been a week since my last post about trying to spend less on food. I am back today with an update for the week.
I have been back to the supermarket for some things as some food items had run out, i also needed some fresh fruit and vege and as always the Sunday afternoon trip to the supermarket to buy the lunch meats for the week. Lunches are always made at home so that saves money and it healthier for everyone too.

So last week i has spent a total of $240.14 for most of our food for the month. So there was some foods i didnt buy enough of (such as needing 2 more packs of puff pastry) as i should have done a more thorough menu check and counted up how much of everything i really needed for the month but this monthly shopping is all new to me and im sure over time i will get better at it. So the total i have spent in the last 7 days comes to $75.04. this does include hubby's weekend soft drinks and a pack of chips for him too. Included in this amount too was a the few things i had left on the shopping list that i need to get from IGA and Foodworks last week that i didnt get on shopping day.

So the total spent now is $315.18 which im happy with at this point. I would normally spend at least $600 a month on food shopping (not including takeaway twice in the month) and this should come in at being less than that even if i do have to spend another $75 in week 3 and 4 for food top-ups.

I still have loads of milk and flour (for bread) left in the pantry so at this stage that wont need re-stocking. We will be having takeaway for dinner on Saturday as this gives me a break from cooking one night a fortnight, this should only be $25 as we get a great family feed at our local pizza shop including garlic bread and soft drink for this amount.

I also made a batch of dog food up this week with some Chrisco Hampers sausages that we didnt like, lots of mixed frozen veges and rice. This was frozen in portions in muffin trays that way i can take out what needed each day for Howard and Bessie's dinner, i ended up making 24 portions. They have this served with some dry dog food on the side.

Thats all i have to update this week. I will update my progress again next week. :)