Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trying to spend less on food. UPDATE week 3

Im back again to let you know how my budget is going for the food shopping for the month.
I am finding now in week 3 that i am running out of a lot of the pantry staples and have had to restock some of them.
Since my post last Thursday i have had a few visits to the shops for lots of fresh fruit as it seems this week they are all eating me out of house and home when it comes to bananas and apples.  I also ran out of my supply of plain flour for bread making so i had to re-stock that too. The total this week is more than i would have liked but it is for the essential items needed for meals. So the total this week is $126.56 plus the takeaway on Saturday was $34 and not $25 as i had hoped for as they all decided they didnt want pizza but wanted fish and chips instead.  Adding that to the total for the week comes to $160.56
The running total for the month so far is now $475.74.

In the next week im going to have to buy a new bag of chicken feed and that will be around the $20 mark so that will also be added into next weeks total.


  1. Hi, i was just wondering how week 4 went? Ive tried doing a monthly shop this month too. I havnt totalled it up, but know i have spent less and still have cupboards and freezers full of food!

  2. Hi, sorry i will sort out week for this week and get it blogged. I have been busy on ed-cluttering and have not spent time on the blog. Last week i did the months shopping again and calculated better the amounts of products needed so i will blog about that too.

  3. Hi Sharon, Im new to your blog and picked it up from a comment you made in Rhonda's. Wasnt her backyard awesome. I live in Hoppers Crossing and dont yet have my garden but I am enjoying looking and planning for the future. You shopping abilities are great - I could do with some pointers though Im very time poor working full time and a very crazy life. I'd love to take a week's holiday and stay at home getting things organised.

  4. Hi LyndaD i have put up a Q&A post today and would love you to post any questions you may have, im only to happy to help you with some pointers and tips.