Monday, January 07, 2013

Happy New Year!!

2013 a new year and a new journey for us all. I was very glad to say good bye to 2012 for many reasons, but i have learn't a lot from it as well. I know many of you have made resolutions for the new year but this is something i do not do, i set goals instead. I feel that most resolutions set each year fail within the first few weeks or are forgotten or not stuck to, so why bother.
I am still putting together my goals for 2013 but most of the goals will be set around home improvements. I will share my goal list once i have finished.

Last year I was able to achieve a few things which I am happy with and they were:

  1. Having solar power connected which was done in Feb 2012, 8 panels all up.
  2. Having a new large 4 door pantry cupboard built in to the kitchen for my stock pile and supplies.
  3. Getting a 1000ltr water tank set up for the vege garden which sadly due the they lack of rain in the past month is now empty, so im thinking of now sourcing another tank for a backup.
  4. Lastly i purchased a much needed new laptop just before Christmas as my poor old 10.1" was showing its age and so very slow, but i did manage to run the business on the poor little thing.
All of the improvements done to the house and extras have been done by saving up the profits from my little EBAY store The-Rose-Garden-Boutique. If you have a look you will see that everything sold in the store is handmade by me.

This years goals will hopefully be funded once again by the business, its a great feeling seeing what all my hard work as brought the family home.


  1. Sharon I hoppd over from D2E. I love your little shop. Its awesome! Ruthy x

  2. Thank-you for taking the time to stop by Ruthy :)