Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going Green

Last Tuesday was very exciting for me as my solar power was installed. I purchased a 1.56kw inverter with 8 panels. At this stage of our life with 6 of us living under this roof this should generate on average about 1/4 of our daily power. Later in the year we will be down to 4 of us so then im sure our power usage will do down a lot more. I had a call today from the power company letting me know that the inspector had been out and had sent in the paper work for my solar system. The next step is that they have to send someone out to program my meter to be able to feed my power back into the grid. They also told me it could take a max of up to 40 business days to have this done. Its a long time to wait and i hope it doesn't take that long but im sure it will be worth waiting for.

My next venture in being more green to  have my water tank set up to the down pipe so i have have free water for my vege garden. Its in the process and will be done in the next few weeks.

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