Thursday, March 22, 2012

Water tank update, vege garden and my ducks

Well it has been a while since my last blog but i have some exciting news. My water tank has been set up.
It will hold a 1000 LTRS of water when full. It does have some water in it now as you can see in the photo its a little dirty, but its only for the garden. In the future I will also be using it to fill the bath for my 2 ducks Mickey & Molly.

Molly in the front has a deformed beak, its called cross beak but it doesn't effect him at all he manages to gobble down his food without a problem. They are both grown up now and Mickey started laying eggs for me on Feb 1st. They are both Indian Runner Ducks and Molly is a crested, hence the tuft of top of his head. I will try to get more pics of them soon and do a blog about them in the future.

Things in the garden are a little slow. I still have a few veges in there left over from the summer. Still growing at this moment are: Some Cherry Tomato's, white Apple Cucumbers, Sliverbeet and some Zucchini's. 

 The Cucumbers seem to have a mildew starting to grow on the leaves but that's because the nights are getting colder and they have been getting dew on them.

 The Zucchini is still flowering and due to a lack of Bee's in my garden i have been having to pollinate by hand. Its worked well for the Cucumbers but as for the Zucchinis they just die off so i have never picked one from the garden at all  this year. I plan of getting some bright coloured plastic flowers and spinning wheels from a discount store and put them into the tubs and try to attract some Bee's to visit. I will also make sure for the next summer planting that i have sewn some Marigold seeds like i did last year to attract some of the local Bee's.
I have planted lots of seeds into butter containers for the winter garden and i will blog again shortly about their progress.

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  1. I love your idea of setting a water storage tank in the garden. It will definitely help you irrigate your plants in a cost-effective manner. Utilizing rainwater for your vegetation (and in my case, for washing the cars too) does not only save you money; it also helps preserve nature. :)

    - Richelle Loughney